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Each social platform is designed to connect with consumers in its own unique format. While it may not seem like it, there is very little overlap between them resulting in hours of social media implementation to keep your various profiles working for you.

Brands that apply a one size fits all content strategy across all its platforms will run out of content sooner than others as well as notice lacklustre engagement rates, for example, a 30′ video on Instagram will perform best than a 30′ video on YouTube where customers want fuller-length formats.

Another key consideration when choosing the right social platform is to think about who and where your customers and viewers are, particularly in terms of age, income, and location. Top social platforms in South Africa still remain to be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook is recognised as the most important of all because of its audience targeting capabilities.

PRO TIP: Pick one and do it well, before adding another. Also, do not display Social icons on your website unless you actually have a profile for that platform


At STM we specialise in Marketing to Millennials and one of the key insights, besides the fact that they are the biggest consumer generation, they are also the first generation to be truly open to engaging with and sharing brand advertisements.

Engaging in two-way conversations on social platforms fosters genuine relationships between brands and customers and helps to win loyalty. Pay close attention to brand mentions and make an effort to “like”, “comment” and “follow back” on all positive comments.  Social engagement converts customers into brand ambassadors, creating a peer-to-peer megaphone of online brand endorsement.

It will take time to create this type of organic endorsement culture with your customers, so be prepared to put in the effort, it will be worth it.

PRO TIP: Speak TO me – not AT me



We have found that brands tend to treat their social pages as classifieds or print advertising by posting direct sales ads with calls to actions outside of the social platform.

This type of approach will only turn customers away as social media is a vehicle whereby you should showcase your brands “fun side” and allow its personality to shine.
Share successes, client testimonials, achievements, news, and advice. Your social media pages should give consumers and future employees a good idea of the attitude and culture of your business.

PRO TIP: A little fun goes a long way


Another common pitfall for businesses that are unsure about social media is an inconsistent posting schedule. It’s a balancing act, however, a good rule of thumb is to post at least once daily, but no more than three or four times at most.

Remember, followers are interested in your brand and want to hear from you, but they do not want to be bombarded every hour. Keep it light and keep it regular, and you should be on the right track.

PRO TIP: If you’re still unsure check your social analytics to view the number and frequency of unfollowers to your page. 


Infrequent, unscheduled, quickly slapping a post together, can be damaging to your brand. Mis-matched messaging can be misleading and confusing paired the sporadic timing, can be deemed as anti-social behaviour. Merely setting up an account and waiting for fans to find you is not enough.

Growing followers requires regular interactions and a consistent online presence

When consumers ask questions or post on your pages, answer them, good or bad. Don’t shy away from negative commentary. The banking and telecommunications industries are prime explains are how best to address such issues. Customers want to know that you really do care and that they have direct access to you.

Positive commentary is easier to deal with, but the bottom line remains to always respond. After all, the goal is to be as social as possible.

PRO TIP: Make your content helpful, informative, funny, or inspiring.

The STM difference

At STM we structure all our monthly content planning around themes, with each months plan occurring two months in advance. Majority of the posts are structured ahead of time but we also ‘plan for spontaneity’ as you never know when you might need to jump on the next #BigTrend.

We go to great lengths to understand your business and industry to identify your social USP’s and play them to its strengths.

We are Facebook trained in audience segmentation and niche audience targeting, as well as best practices to all available ad formats and objective advertising.


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