We want to help grow your business using modern marketing techniques. At STM we use an Agile Marketing methodology, which focuses on principles of quality user experiences, adaptability to change, experimental marketing and iteration – measure, learn, build. In short, an Agile Marketing methodology helps an organisation to be more consumer centric and to extract optimal value from its non-linear, adaptive nature.


Marketing is an act of customer discovery – so by understanding what is important to the customer we are able to create a ‘User Profile’ which keeps us focused on the increment of work that is needed. To achieve this we, engage more intimately but also collaboratively with your market segment.  


Removing hierarchical structures and intuitional silos, and creating a cross-functional marketing team allows the organisation to work faster, deliver faster and show results faster.  Having this fluid approach allows us to be better consultants to your business and pivot the strategy as needed to accommodate changing needs of the customer, or the onset of environmental disruption.


Many organisations fall into the endless cycle of analysis-paralysis because of official posturing – and to that we say: Doing something is better than doing nothing. Having a ‘User Profile’ at the heart of a deliverables discussion will reveal the path needed in removing barriers and delivering solutions worthy of the customer’s needs.   


Failed campaigns are often justified with metrics designed to tell the desired story internally, but leave the customer unsatisfied. By launching small experimental campaigns we get insights into their success or failure much quicker, allowing for rapid adjustments to the strategy. Rules to failure – Don’t be afraid to fail; just don’t fail the same way twice!