About Samantha



I’m Samantha, founder and marketing manager behind Sharpest Tool Marketing. I’ve been in the marketing industry for over a decade now, with 2009 being the year I moved from online publishing to media agency.

I started as the poster child for Digital Marketing and grew alongside this fast paced industry until 2016 when I decide that I wanted to play a bigger marketing role in the development of brands. That passion led me to my current career of helping others to market their business.

As a former Online Editor, Campaign Manager, Digital Media Specialist and Commercial Trading Manager for internationally acclaimed establishments, I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way. From methods taught in classrooms to techniques used by blue chip companies, I’m sharing it all to help you reach your goals.

To me the customer is more than just a transaction, they form a community that has a direct line to your brand. It’s so important that we nurture that relationship and continue to engage with your customers in ways and moments that are convenient to them.

I look forward to creating a lasting relationship with you and seeing your business succeed!

Wishing you success,