Sharpest Tool Marketing is here to support small businesses in developing strategic marketing plans that will attract, retain and grow their customer base.

In providing an online marketing strategy, unique to your business, we can increase demand and take your business to the next level.

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Make Digital Marketing The Sharpest Tool In Your Box

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Our approach is to use an online marketing strategy to create a digital marketing campaign which will put you in front of the customer, with the right content, at the right place, and at the right time! This will build a far more meaningful relationship between your customer and your brand. #relevance 

Whatever your product or service you can reach the 21st-century customer directly by targeting digital channels such as social media, Google search and unique content creation. This is why we want to help you apply a Digital First Branding approach to your marketing engagements, creating a valued presence in the lives of your customer. #loyalty 

Are you an entrepreneur?

We would like to work with entrepreneurs struggling with sales due to neglected marketing efforts. It is easy for entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed and to push marketing aside so here’s a simple solution – Let us do the marketing for you!

Running your business without marketing would be like planning an amazing party, setting up at the venue and expecting people to show up when you neglected to tell anyone about it. – Made Urban

Are you an established business?

We want to help established businesses, with an existing marketing department, create additional demand after reaching a sales plateau. We offer strategic support and expert advice and digital marketing techniques to extract greater value out of your marketing channels or agency. 

What we can do for you

  • We will market your business successfully online
  • We will ensure that your brand stands out from your competition 
  • We will share expert digital marketing and technical knowledge
  • We will offer strategic support
  • We will extract greater value out of your marketing channels
  • We will justify your advertising budget against actual sales
  • We will apply specific techniques and marketing strategies to your Email Marketing, Blogging, Online Advertising, Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In, Content Management, SEO & more
  • We will amplify your online marketing results
  • We will provide you with one-on-one consulting
  • We will support you in gearing your business towards the tech-savvy millennial audience

STM, in my opinion, really come on board and get to know your business and your market. The intensive research and time that goes into the planning STM presents is outstanding. At Skin T

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We want to help grow your business using modern marketing techniques. At STM we use an Agile Marketing methodology, which focuses on principles of quality user experiences, adaptability to change, experimental marketing and iteration – measure, learn, build. In short, an Agile Marketing methodology helps an organisation to be more consumer centric and to extract optimal value from its non-linear, adaptive nature.


Marketing is an act of customer discovery – so by understanding what is important to the customer we are able to create a ‘User Profile’ which keeps us focused on the increment of work that is needed. To achieve this we, engage more intimately but also collaboratively with your market segment.  


Removing hierarchical structures and intuitional silos, and creating a cross-functional marketing team allows the organisation to work faster, deliver faster and show results faster.  Having this fluid approach allows us to be better consultants to your business and pivot the strategy as needed to accommodate changing needs of the customer, or the onset of environmental disruption.


Many organisations fall into the endless cycle of analysis-paralysis because of official posturing – and to that we say: Doing something is better than doing nothing. Having a ‘User Profile’ at the heart of a deliverables discussion will reveal the path needed in removing barriers and delivering solutions worthy of the customer’s needs.   


Failed campaigns are often justified with metrics designed to tell the desired story internally, but leave the customer unsatisfied. By launching small experimental campaigns we get insights into their success or failure much quicker, allowing for rapid adjustments to the strategy. Rules to failure – Don’t be afraid to fail; just don’t fail the same way twice!

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